Industrial, Commercial and Residential Restoration ServicesWhy Is Restoration Necessary

Fire and water leave behind contaminants that are not only corrosive but conductive.

Soot and smoke leave acidic residue that bonds to circuits and eats away at contacts.

Water leaves various corrosive minerals and salts that drying alone won’t remove. Time is the enemy, and quick response is necessary.

The Cleaning Process

The Audio Video Restorations team has developed a process of cleaning and decontamination that can be executed either on-site or off-site.

We will always keep you informed and guide you through the restoration process.
Our goal is to bring your equipment to its pre-loss condition in a cost-efficient manner.

Some methods include:

  • Ozone Deodorizing
  • Heated Drying Chambers (8-22% rH)
  • Chemical Corrosion Removal
  • Chemical Tank Immersion
  • Hand Detailing